OCEANLYZ GUI has 4 main sections:

  1. Menu bar

  2. Toolbar

  3. Tabs

  4. Working space


Figure: OCEANLYZ GUI Interface#

Panel 1#

Panel 1 contains main menu bar.

Panel 2#

Panel 2 contains toolbar.

Panel 3#

Panel 3 contains GUI tabs. OCEANLYZ GUI uses a tab interface for its workflow. It contains following tabs:

Load Data tab

Load (import) measured (raw) data into the application.

Preprocess Data tab

Clean loaded data before start analyzing them.

Analyze Data tab

Define analysis parameters and start analyzing data.

TimeSeries Results tab

Shows and plots time-series results.

Spectrum Results tab

Shows and plots spectral analysis results.

Panel 4#

Panel 4 shows workplace. Each tab has its own workplace.