Changelog (MATLAB and Python)#

Version 2.0#

What is new in ver 2.0:

  • From version 2.0, in addition to MATLAB and GNU Octave, OCEANLYZ is available for Python language through OCEANLYZ package

  • From version 2.0, OCEANLYZ is a class (instead of function). It allows OCEANLYZ to be called inside user code.

  • Bug fix (MATLAB): remove ‘obj’ as an input arguments from oceanlyzmodule() and oceanlyzecalcwave() methods (2021-07-08)

  • Bug fix: removed ‘/(Rho*1000)’ from mean water depth calculation in oceanlyzecalcwave() method (2021-08-03)

  • Bug fix (Python): removed -1 from index of if autofmaxpcorr==’on’: in PcorFFTFun function (2021-08-07)

  • Bug fix : Add ‘if tailcorrection==’jonswap’ or tailcorrection==’tma’:’ in WaveSpectraFun and SeaSwellFun functions (2021-10-26)

  • Release date: 2020-10-27

Version 1.5#

What is new in ver 1.5:

  • Now, a wave spectrum in PcorFFTFun function is obtained from pwelch function instead of fft function

  • Parameter ‘burst’ changed to ‘n_burst’

  • Parameter ‘duration’ changed to ‘burst_duration’

  • Release date: 2020-8-5

Version 1.4#

What is new in ver 1.4:

  • Now, OCEANLYZ can be run on both Matlab and GNU Octave

  • ​Now, a separate input file is used to define calculation parameters

  • Wavenumber calculation performance is improved

  • TMA diagnostic tail is improved

  • User manual is re-written

  • Release date: 2018-6-22

Version 1.3#

What is new in ver 1.3:

  • Tail correction for spectral analysis is improved

  • Correcting pressure data for pressure attenuation is improved

  • Sea/Swell partitioning is improved

  • Release date: 2017-6-27

Version 1.2#

What is new in ver 1.2:

  • The NFFT now can be assigned as an input.

  • Automatic calculation of the upper limit frequency for the dynamic pressure corrections added.

  • Zero-Crossing method modified.

  • Mean water level calculation modified.

  • Significant wave period added.

  • Calculation of peak wave frequency based on the weighted integral added.

  • Parameter notations are updated.

  • Release date: 2014-12

Version 1.1#

What is new in ver 1.1:

  • Initial version of OCEANLYZ is released

  • Release date: 2013-12